Sunday, January 16

the birds

the hungry birds ...
as well as the usual mix of garden birds that have been enjoying our home-made bird cake, apple, seed, and fruit mix, it seems that the gulls have found us! i think they may have come from the harbour and are possibly having to come further and further to find food. the pigeons did seem a little put out by them though!

grabbing as much as they can before the gulls return

when we first moved here, five years ago, there weren't any magpies in the area but just recently i've seen a few flying around. given that corvids are a bit of an obsession of mine (encouraged by reading esther woolfson's, corvus: a life with birds), i've been delighted to see the magpie starting to get braver and take some food from our temporary feeding spot (out of the way of the neighbour's cats), we even had two the other morning - cue not a lot getting done, other than me gazing out of the window at the myriad clouds of birds coming and going, and changing throughout the day.

if i go reeeally quietly, they might not notice me ...
the grab and run approach


Hawthorn said...

We don't have so many magpies here but we do get jackdaws and I love their antics and their cheeky ways but they are not universally liked round here as they are seen as vermin and shot and in your final photo I love the disapproving look the pigeon is giving to the magpie!

narkeymarkey said...

oh no, poor jackdaws! send them up here, there's always room for more in our garden :)

funny you should say that about the pigeon - i thought the same but m thought i was barmy, it really does have a disapproving look though!