Thursday, January 13

it is a piece of folly merely to value things because of their distance from the place where we are born: thus men have travelled far enough in the search of foreign plants and animals, and yet continue strangers to those produced in their own natural climate.

martin martin, 1698
a late voyage to st kilda


Angela said...

How true, when I first moved in with S he'd never been on Ilkley moor despite living only 300yds from it! I have rectifiedd that sad oversight

narkeymarkey said...

300yds, he should be ashamed! :)

this is the reason we're not going abroad again this year. we holidayed in scotland last year and it was great, no stressy airport delays, no baggage to lug around and the joy of discovering what a great place we live in.

(if only we could fix the weather, it'd be perfect!)