Sunday, January 2

let's all be a little more ...

generous in 2011 :)

this is a fab website where you commit to making small changes to your daily life which will have positive effects on you/your family/your community/and hopefully the world in general!

you can sign up to actions that other folk have already posted, some of the most popular ones just now are: stop taking plastic bags from shops; turn off the tap when brushing your teeth; switch off and unplug appliances and chargers; shop locally; give your unwanted or unworn clothes to charity; compost your leftovers; shower more and bath less, or you can suggest your own if you prefer.

it's free to join and you can register using the link above.

sometimes, despite my best efforts, the day-to-day stuff gets in the way of my best intentions! this site is a really good reminder of the little steps i want to take towards the life i am striving for. if we all do a little, it can really make a big difference.

plus, i also find it quite heart-warming and re-assuring to read the 'news' section, it's a re-affirmation that there are lovely folk in the world and it's not all the doom and gloom you can read in the newspaper or see on the tv news.

and here's a few words from generous ...

"Small Steps Taken Often by Many People Mean Big Changes for the Planet and All the People who Live Here.

At Generous we're building a global community of people who believe in changing the world for good … one step at a time.

Every action unknown to everyone else - from unplugging appliances to dumping bottled water, from sharing your car journey to buying Fair Trade -incrementally shifts history in favour of the planet and its people. The more of us who go Generous, the greater our impact."

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