Tuesday, January 11

it's nearly that time again

that time of year when m cycles around a forest for 24 hours! in scotland!! in january!!!

we gave it a miss last year and spent the weekend in oban with one of m's friends, we stayed in, we enjoyed the log fire, we went for walks when the wind and rain held off long enough, we ate good food, we had a lay-in ... but not this year!

the day before the race, we'll be heading north, hoping the snow isn't as bad as it is here and setting up camp for the weekend in the forest. in a strange kind of way, i think i am looking forward to it. i love camping out in the forest and even though it is going to be pretty extreme weather conditions, each year we have been better prepared - i'm taking as many layers of warm clothing as we can pack in the van, plus i've bought some half-sized hot water bottles ... one to tuck in the front of my salopettes, one to tuck in the back :)

i really don't know how all these brave, foolhardy cyclists manage to keep going through the night - it's usually freezing, muddy, wet, icy, snowing, windy and it gets dark soooooo early.
energy gels have a rather unfortunate effect on the digestive system so this year, i've made some syrupy, sugary, chocolatey, nutty, fruity goodies to give m that energy boost he needs. well, to be honest, i've made a few extra, you know, just in case i get peckish during the night!


Hawthorn said...

Your erhem 'energy bars' look positively yum....any chance of a recipe??
I have a man who does daft things on bicycles but not a 24 hour jolly in Scotland in winter!
Keep warm

narkeymarkey said...

you're indeed correct, they were quite yum - had to try a 'few' for quality control purposes!

will dig out my scribbles and post a recipe soon - kind of made it up as i went along but did keep a few notes so i can make them again.

so what daft things does your man do on his bike?

Sam said...

Cycling in Scotland in Winter will still probably be warmer than camping in Scotland in Winter! Good grief - I'd need LOTS of those energy bars to stay happy ;-)

Good luck anyway :-)

krex said...

Those do look yummy...Do you folks use molasses ? I think it would work great for energy bars and has lots of iron but is an "acquired" taste .

I look forward to the recipe if you find it .

narkeymarkey said...

hi sam, probably true but then he gets covered in mud and soaking wet! while i'm snuggled up in the tent eating 'energy bars' :)

narkeymarkey said...

hi krex, ooh molasses i hadn't thought of that, imagine it would be good due to the iron. just had to 'google' it as i didn't think i'd seen it in the store, but i think it may be what we call treacle? for these ones i used syrup which is much lighter in colour and consistency and also sweeter. recipe written up and will publish in next couple of days :)

Angela said...

how did it go?

Hawthorn said...

In reply to question about said daft husband he has been known to land on his head instead of using his brakes, he has (much to the boys amusement) piled off his bike over the handlebars - in slow slow slow motion ....to this day we have no idea how or why and my least favourite is when he was hit by a young driver out on his own on the first time and flew across the bonnet - daft husband (running on adrenaline) leapt up to give the driver what for only to find the young lad in shock and unable to speak or drive and close to tears. Husband chucked his crumpled bicycle into the back of the car and drove the young lad to work and then got himself home!! Later, post adrenaline rush he felt quite sore.

narkeymarkey said...

hi angela, not too bad this year - we must be getting used to it! was great to be outdoors and under canvas again though :)

narkeymarkey said...

yikes! what a kind hubby you have hawthorn :) bet that kid watches where he's going more carefully now.

what is it about cyclists and handlebars though? m always seems to end up sailing over them too!