Tuesday, March 29

deuchny walk

so, a bright, sunny day a couple of weeks ago saw us head for the hills! m went cycling and i went for a more leisurely explore/photography walk/bird watch. we've lived here for about five years now and the hill we've been calling kinnoull hill is actually called deuchny hill - thanks to the new signage, we've now got it sorted!

beautiful snowdrops with a very rare blue sky background

our hard winter with lots of snow, ice and winds has really taken it's toll on the trees around us, with so many having falling. the foresters had been working really hard to remove the fallen trunks and, sad as it is to see so many fallen trees, they did leave behind some really funky shaped tree trunks

some mossy/lichen/mushroomy type growth on a tree, i just loved the green-ness of the colour!

a perfect day out, back to the van for a cuppa and a spot of birdwatching! with a piece of bark i found on the ground, just right for a wee project i have in mind.


Florcita said...

those are some fantastic trunks! beautiful shapes.

narkeymarkey said...

aren't they just?! i predict some trunk shaped patterns in my felt soon :)