Friday, March 4

a lovely commission

i always love to get a commission, it feels like a compliment that someone likes what i make enough to ask me to create something especially for them. and it's always lovely to make something that you know will be loved and appreciated.

it's an added bonus when a commission encourages me to make a piece i normally wouldn't have thought of, so when i was asked to make seat pads for a lady via mandy at an cnoc, i was a little apprehensive but couldn't wait to make a start.

thankfully the customer liked the sample so much, she ordered two for herself and a further four to give to her sister! happily, the sample also found a good home, on the chair i usually take when i'm at a market.

here's the end result ...
and a little close-up because i've discovered the macro function, and i can't get enough macro shots of felt!


Angela said...

Well done TRacy, a lovely commission and who knows yu may get more at your next fair when they see your chair and bright pad.

Heather Woollove said...

I love this, Tracy!!

narkeymarkey said...

ooh yes, good thinking angela - i'm really not so good at self-promotion!

thanks heather, i predict more seat pads being made soon :)