Thursday, March 31

can you imagine what i would do if i could do all i can?

sun tzu

this, for me, echoes in william morris' motto: si je puis (if i can)


vilterietje said...

i haven't got the faintest idea what ever you want to do, so tell us:)

Florcita said...

how fantastic...both phrases. One has to try, right?

narkeymarkey said...

oh gosh, vilterietje, where to start?!

well, after bringing about world peace, redistributing wealth to bring about an end to poverty, and curing disease i would then like to travel the world, learn how to horse-ride; scuba dive; base jump; trapeze skills and then study horticulture; stained glass making; ceramics; printmaking; spinning; dyeing; more feltmaking skills; swedish ... the list is almost endless and i think i need a few lifetimes (or a lottery win!) :)

hi florcita, you're right, one has to try with what one has and the time one has :)