Saturday, March 5


so the healthy eating regimen has finally kicked in, now all i need to do is find time to fit in some exercise and i might start to shift my winter layers (extra pounds unfortunately, not clothing!).

i love home-made hummus, and it feels especially healthy when i have it with rice cakes, seriously tasty.

and if i feel like i can spare a few more calories, i top it with grated cheese - yum!

i lost the recipe yonks ago so each time i make it, it tastes slightly different but here's a rough outline.

> ingredients
a 400g can of chickpeas
two cloves of garlic
juice from one lemon
100ml tahini
25ml olive oil

and you can add paprika to taste if you wish.

> method
1. drain the chickpeas.
2. pop all ingredients in the blender and blitz.
3. taste and add more garlic/olive oil/tahini/paprika if needed.

ta-daa! now you need never eat store bought hummus again :)

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