Saturday, March 19

a roman day out

a bit of nicer weather (before the snow came back recently!) encouraged us to go out roman hunting the other day! in an archaeology type way, no violent past-times here!

we really do live in a fantastic part of the country, so much to see and do and learn.

so, we headed off to look at roman forts along the gask ridge and here's what we saw ...

lovely straight roman roads to walk along!

muir o'fauld watch-tower

another lovely path leading to ardunie watch-tower

then on to kirkhill

with lots of lovely foresty stuff along the way

this looked like an archway into a secret world (well, to me anyway, perhaps i'd had too much fresh air at this point!)

lovely, lovely, soft willow

and more time to stop and stare at mushrooms

in amongst all this we also managed some bird-watching and saw yellowhammer for the first time! along with: starling; fieldfare; rooks and jackdaws and chaffinches a-plenty all avoiding the buzzards circling overhead.

after lots of fun and fresh air we headed home to a fantastically warming, tasty tea of leek and potato gratin (with added quorn, what a lovely day :)

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