Tuesday, March 8

garden planning

we've had such a long winter compared to our usual - snow from mid november through to the end of january, and then another dump of snow just when we were enjoying the sight of the grass again. followed by weeks of ice and frost, sigh!

as the ground was too hard to dig and i couldn't see the plants to prune them, i consoled myself with sorting through our seed packets and reading books, while planning and making lists.

finally it looks like spring is arriving, we've had a few sunny, but still chilly, days so we might at last be able to get out and start digging in the garden again. time to get tidying, ready for sowing and planting.

each year we plant a little more than last year and try something new, and this year i'm really looking forward to getting some plants in that will give us lovely flowers in the summer before they get harvested for the dye pot in the autumn :)


Hawthorn said...

I am also longing longing longing for spring to actually warm up! It's great that there is more light, but I still feel to be wearing a lot of clothes and not getting any sowing done... think we have got used to these wet 'warm' winters.

narkeymarkey said...

same here! the lighter nights are welcome but a little warmth would be even more welcome :) i just can't wait to start sowing!