Friday, April 1

my new toy

woo-hoo for power tools!

this lovely piece of kit used to lurk in the cupboard under the stairs with the other tools, amongst the cobwebs, for when m needed to do something manly with them.

that is until i discovered that i love drilling holes in things, any thing, many things! it is surprisingly satisfying to drill holes, who knew?!

so far i've drilled holes in bits of wood to make hanging decorations and looking around for other things to drill holes in (that wouldn't make m scream!) i decided to try felt, and guess what - now i can drill holes in felt!

i predict a lot more holes being drilled in many things :)


Hawthorn said...

Woo-hoo indeed! I also love this type of toy, however, I have competition coz my kids do too :)

Angela said...

prove it - let's see the holey felt! :)

krex said...

Forget getting fancy clothes for presents...bring me some power tools !

narkeymarkey said...

you have lucky kids hawthorn, power tools were out of bounds when i was wee - my mum probably knew how much chaos i would cause!

ah, well, i know this will sound like a cop-out angela but it was for a gift i was making that's now gone! but there will be more to come and i promise to take pics :)

who needs fancy clothes krex, when there are power tools to play with?!