Tuesday, April 5

i am so unbelievably excited

horst, yes horst, the horst is coming to ireland in june!

the lovely nicola has organised a workshop with horst.
and guess what, i really can't quite believe it, no really i can't, m is talking about tranquilising me before my head actually explodes, because i don't know how i can wait so long, but I'M GOING TO IRELAND IN JUNE FOR A WORKSHOP WITH HORST!!!

you can find out more about horst here ... horst couture

apart from the opportunity to work alongside horst, i'm so excited for loads of reasons: i had put aside this year to develop my feltmaking skills and start having fun with feltmaking again - what perfect timing! it will be great to meet nicola as i've been following her blog for a long time now, and she's such an inspirational feltmaker; i'm going to stay at a really lovely campsite; i've never been to ireland before, my nan's dad came from cork so i'm hoping i'll have a few hours spare before i have to catch my ferry home to do a wee bit of family history searching.

although i have to admit, it does feel a little daunting to be travelling all that way on my own! but i know it will be so worth it, roll on june :)


Karen said...

Wow wow wow how exciting for you, i'm sure you'll have a ball. Horst makes the most beautiful gowns so wishing you good luck in your travels all by yourself lol You'll be fine :))

Chrissie said...

my goodness you lucky girl - no wonder you're excited! Are we going to see you modelling a couture garment?

vilterietje said...

great: 60 days waiting? make a measure on your calender:)

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Tracy Im green with envy.. wish I was going! We could of pitched our tents together!
My maternal grandfather was from Blanchardstown & Im longing to go find my roots in Ireland too.
I cant wait to see what you all make there - Im sure you will have a fantastic time

Cash en Els said...

Ohh Yes, he is coming to The Netherlands too. I go to his workshop, so happy to loke forward.

With love, Els

krex said...

SO great to have that to look forward to (and to read about on your blog) .I'm sure it will be a blast !

narkeymarkey said...

thanks for your vote of confidence karen :) his gowns are fantastic aren’t they?!

hee hee chrissie, i don’t know if i could do a couture garment justice with my hips!

vilterietje, you’re right, i’m counting the days :)

ooh feltersjourney, a camping roadtrip sounds fab! we must meet up one day to do just that while finding our irish roots :) promise to take lots of pics.

hey cash en els, ooh lucky you too! can’t wait to see what you make also :)

hi krex, i promise to bore everyone silly with lots of photos and enthusiastic blog chatter once i get back!

FeltersJourney said...

A roadtrip sounds fun!
Yes please lots of pics xx

Horst said...

Well!!! What a pleasant surprise to come across such a nice blog with me included! The time is near and I am so excited for this nice month in Europe and meeting everyone to create such garments that will lead to more works by fellow felters that will top my pieces!!! I will be making 25 new pieces myself during this trip, which makes it even more exciting for myself. The fashion show in Amsterdam will be beyond excitment!!! Hope your ready and well rested!!!

narkeymarkey said...

well, thank you sir for your kind comments :)

25 pieces ... wow! you make me feel lazy ;)

ready ... yep, well rested ... hhhhmmm 'rest' is a concept i'm familiar with but it seldom makes an appearance on my 'to do' list!

looking forward to next weeked :)