Tuesday, April 12

i won something!

i actually did! now, i'm the kind of person who never wins anything. no, really, i don't. but, ever the optimist and always happy to support a good cause, i bought a couple of raffle tickets from sian at diary of a tiny holder.

and look what i won ...

the black and pink harrod's purse was just perfect for my cousin's daughter who just turned 21, as soon as i saw the benefit body butter i knew my sister-in-law would love it and the chocs, well, they were delish!

sian is raising money for the alzheimer's society in so many ways this year, one of which is climbing mount kilimanjaro in september. if you would like to buy a raffle ticket, make a purchase, or donate in any way just head on over to diary of a tiny holder.


vilterietje said...

lovely stuff you won and how unselfish ginving it away, but at least you kept the chocolats and enjoyed them.
love, riet:)

Hawthorn said...

Lucky lucky! And what lovely goodies too, I know what you mean about being an optimist and buying raffle tickets then not ever winning anything :) and how kind to spread the happiness x

narkeymarkey said...

well, i couldn't really resist the choccies! and happiness means so much more to me when it's shared :)x