Friday, April 29

so, apparently ...

there's a royal wedding happening today ... ?

so far, i've managed to avoid most of the fuss and the hype. don't get me wrong, i wish them only the best in life but it's just not something i can get that excited about.

however, i loved today's post from chrissie at niminyfingers who is passing this on from a facebook friend:

here's how to find out your royal wedding name for the big occasion ...

start with lady (or lord)
pick the name of a grandparent for your first name
use the name of your first pet for your surname
and 'of' should be a street where you lived

i nearly choked on my coffee when i worked out that i would be

lady rose bubbles of hawthorn!!!

but settled for lady rose bubbles of woodside (although i could also have had 'of macclesfield' or 'berkshire' which would have sounded a bit more posh - but not half as funny!)

so, what would your royal wedding name be?


vilterietje said...

hi lady rose bubbles of woodside!
my royal name would be:
lady johanna dimple of put
but i'll call myself lady johanna dimple of put to sittard!
great game:)

Hawthorn said...

Lady Gwendoline Maxwell of Minsk - umm, think I prefer yours!! Particularly of 'Hawthorn' Bit - made me snort in my coffee :)

narkeymarkey said...

well it is an honour to meet you lady johanna dimple of put to sittard and lady gwendoline maxwell of minsk!

nothing like a bit of snorting in your coffee to start your day on the right note :) although, i'm sure it's not the done thing in certain lady-like circles ...