Thursday, April 14

i only want to live in peace, and plant potatoes and dream

(courtesy of tove jansson)

who could really wish for more ... ?


vilterietje said...

no further comment: ýou're right:)

Felted House said...

What a lovely idea - although I think I might like to plant flowers too as well as potatoes! thanks so much for your message about Archie - such a terrible shock and hideous experience to lose him like that, I'll never forget it, but I know others were fond of him too even though they didn't actually meet him and it does help so much to know people care. xx

Chrissie said...

I'm sure she meant to include 'keep chickens' ..... then it would be perfect!

narkeymarkey said...

ah, yes, flowers and chickens would need to be an addition to round it off nicely.

thanks so much for popping by felted house, sending you hugs :)x