Friday, April 15

the wonderful world of blogging

yes, i know, it can be a huge time vampire if you're not careful, but then there are so many wonderful things about blogging such as meeting lovely, inspiring, creative folk from around the world that you otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to get to know. folk such as the wonderful heather who writes the wool love - functional fiberart blog.

a little while ago, heather and i agreed to make a swap for each other. we had been lamenting the fact that, while we both enjoyed making gifts for other people we never seemed to have the time to make anything for ourselves. so a swap was duly suggested and agreed to be the best solution as we both love making for other people and this way we would both have a lovely gift to exchange/receive.

this was the first time i had taken part in a swap like this and i really enjoyed finding out a little more about each other to make sure we made the perfect gift. it was such good fun to plan the goodies i would send. in fact, i got so much out of the planning and gifting part of the swap that it was a double bonus to receive this wonderfully gorgeous bag as my gift from heather.
the photos really don't do it justice, the handle and front flap are made from the most gorgeous mix of blues/greens with a silky sheen and there's an internal pocket in the same lovely mix of colours.

i just adore the texture created by these locks on the back of the purse.

heather blogged about the creation of my lovely bag here: silk wool and dyed blue locks bag part 1 and here: silk wool and dyed blue locks bag part 2

my package also contained a lovely hand lotion, scented with an orange and ginger energy-giving zingy scent and perfect for feltmaker's hands! i don't have it here to take a pic as i took it to my day job, to cheer myself up through the day.

thanks so much heather, every time i use my bag and enjoy my handcream i think of you and the care and love you put into creating the perfect gift.


vilterietje said...

oh tracy, i love her blog! she is one of the most colourfull people i know and the gift for you is perfect:) i love the bag

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Tracy, lucky you! I loved that bag when Heather blogged about it. The gorgeous blue fibre is the same as she used in my beautiful wallhanging :)
The hand cream sounds lovely too

Heather Woollove said...

Tracy--Thanks for the wonderful post about the joys of swapping!
I think swaps are so much fun...
trying to figure out which colors or projects would please your partner the most...
...and the best part is getting to make nice new friends like YOU!!

Angela said...

Ooh i know this bag, I saw it on Heather's blog - lucky girl. I hope to make your swop item from me very soon - promise

narkeymarkey said...

hi riet, yep great blog isn’t it? and you’re right that heather is very colourful (in the nicest possible way!)

ooh i must have missed your heather-made wallhanging deborah, must pop over and have a look around for it.

hello my friend, wouldn’t the world be a nicer place with happier folk if more people did swaps – how about we start a global movement? :)

aren’t i just? :) now that i know what i’m making for your swap – i just need to work another few hours into the week to make it – will be on the way soon (i promise i won’t be bringing it down in november!)