Friday, April 8

t'internet's a wonderful thing

i've just discovered international internet radio.

you can search for a radio station by music genre or language. what an amazing site!

i'm learning swedish at the moment and being able to listen to swedish radio is such a great help. it just adds another dimension to the book and cd i'm learning from and lets me hear the language as it's really used, not just to ask for six red apples please! plus, i can have the radio on while i'm felting away and i'm hoping that by some magical osmosis type reaction, i'll just absorb a lot of the language.


vilterietje said...

indeed it's good to hear a language. i had the same with french! i started to whatch french movies on television and my french got more french hahaha:)

Angela said...

wow, fantastic to learn a new language, why swedish do you have atrip planned?

narkeymarkey said...

movies are great too, especially if they're subtitled!

we'd been watching some of the swedish 'wallander' recently and our vocabulary of swear-words has increased!

my brother has lived in stockholm for years now and i've learnt a little swedish but now that he has a baby daughter, i'm hoping that by the time she is talking my swedish will be a little better, either that or i'll teach her to speak english! :)