Saturday, April 2

loadsa beads

well, this is starting to feel like an uphill slog!

anyone fancy giving me a hand to felt each of these beads into a nice, smooth bead shape ready to make necklaces and bracelets?

i must learn how to do 'a little' of something, instead i seem to like to give myself a challenge and make 'loads' of something, all at once!


krex said...

Nice looking color combinations...I actually prefer making beads to using them to make jewelry, I suggest putting on a season of "Dead Like Me" or "Firefly" and begin poking .

vilterietje said...

it's great to have loads of something, whenever you're bored you have allways something to play with:)

Fiona said...

I like them as they are. They look like liquorice allsorts!
How many have you made?

Hawthorn said...

Good grief, Talk about in the deep end! 'stick' with it :)

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

They look very pretty like sweets! Have fun felting :D

narkeymarkey said...

thanks krex, you know there is something almost addictive about making them! firefly - what a good suggestion, i LOVE that series. and the film!

you're right vilterietje, i'm certainly never bored and i always have something in my hands to work on.

thanks fiona, now that you've suggested it, i can also see the allsorts similarity! i haven't counted yet but i must have made around 500-600 ... you can guess how my hands look now!

hi hawthorn, yes good grief indeed! my neighbours must wonder what i'm up to standing at the kitchen sink for so long.

thanks cinnamon, nearly finished now.

Angela said...

I'm sure it'll all be worth it Tracy

narkeymarkey said...

i'm hoping so angela :)