Sunday, May 8

hols - barra to eriskay, south uist, benbecula and north uist

waiting in the ferry 'queue' at barra

view from the ferry

heading back on the return journey

got about two minutes out of the ferry terminal and had to stop to take a pic!

stopped here to look for otters but no luck! although i did get to watch some eiders nesting

hhhmmmm ... i think these signs are put here on the causeways to slow the tourist drivers, didn't see so much as a whisker!

dun an sticir

running across this in the rain was fun! of course, i fell in :)

huge chambered cairn on north uist

well i didn't really get much of a chance to explore, the wind was at m's back so he cycled along so quickly i had to dash along the single-track roads in the van to catch him up.

although the landscape is quite flat and in places could look bleak if you weren't used to it, it was really captivating and of course, lots of birdlife and gorgeous beaches mean we shall return for another, longer visit.


vilterietje said...

you have to see the isles to believe it and not be affraid of rain and storm. we LOVE IT:)

narkeymarkey said...

you are so right riet! the whole atmosphere of the place changes with the weather and is so dramatic :)

Hawthorn said...

beautiful, cold and wet, but beautiful!

narkeymarkey said...

cold and wet also means no midges though :)