Friday, May 20

hols - lewis

and then on to lewis, where i used to live. this was the first time i'd been back since leaving five years ago and it felt quite strange to be a tourist passing through a place that had been really important to me.

unfortunately, i didn't have time to catch up with old friends so i'm planning a longer trip for that. i didn't realise, until i got back, just quite how much i missed the landscape, the light, the huge skies, the beaches ...

the road to the campsite

how about this for a campsite?

first barbecue of the year

stornoway town

callanish stones, i spent so many hours at the stones when i lived here, each stone is a work of art in itself and the site is breathtaking

castle grounds woodland centre, fab coffee shop!

with lovely tulips

by good chance, the museum had an exhibit of some of the lewis chessmen! don't think i was allowed to take pics inside but i did really like their wall tiles :)

the butt of lewis lighthouse, where m finishes his cycle of the western isles

fulmars were nesting on the cliffs at the butt ... take a picture he says, they're really close, take a picture ... and then stands where?!

one of the things i love about the landscape here is the rock formations (i know, i know, i'm a geek!)

might not look much from outside, but this is the best hostel i have ever stayed in

queuing for the ferry back to the mainland :(

ferry crossing to ullapool, where i finally saw dolphins! i have done this crossing countless times and never seen so much as a fin before


vilterietje said...

callanish stones is one of the most beautiful stonecircles in scotland, we waited till late to take pics, so the stones looked very deserted:)

FeltersJourney said...

Looks wonderful Tracy. Hope to go there some day
p.s. Im into stones & rock formations too :)

narkeymarkey said...

you must have a lot of patience riet, it's hard to take a pic with no people in!

let me know when you're planning your trip and i can recommend loads of places for you (with lots of lovely geology thrown in too!)