Sunday, May 22

hols - handa island

on the way to our campsite in durness we stopped off to take the boat trip to handa island which is a fantastic place managed by scottish natural heritage as a bird reserve. we saw fulmar, guillemot, razorbill (nesting precariously on the cliffs), puffin, red grouse, jack snipe, great skua, wheatear, curlew and lot of bunnies!

this face says i'm on a tiny boat, about to go out to sea and i'm a little terrified


vilterietje said...

thanks for the tip, must be great to try one day:)

krex said...

Great pictures and I am insanely jealous that you are camping because I can't drag my BF away from his computer..."to that weird place of bugs and wind and other natural bothers"arrggg . Enjoy your trip .

Angela said...

I so wish I'd been on your hols with you, it's years since I vsisited Lewis and Harris

Vic at Careford Creations said...

Ooh, we went to Durness years ago. We camped too, but down in Laide. Durness was a day trip. I love the wild remoteness! Sounds like a fun trip.

narkeymarkey said...

riet, i can give you loads of tips for 'out of the way' places if you need any for your next trip :)

krex, i think i am about to start having the same problem, m is tyring to persuade me that staying in a luxury hotel is better!

angela, maybe we should arrange a girly, felting road trip one day? :)

hi vic, i think it's the remoteness that i really enjoy. must get to laide next time.