Thursday, May 26

lawn or grass?

so, this is our front grass ... ... and something we get a lot of hassle about from our neighbours with their bowling-green-type lawns, where no blade of grass must be allowed to exceed 1.5cm!

goodness, really? now, i don't like their lawn (plus it's not very good for plant or animal diversity) but do i feel the need to make a comment to them about it, every time i see them? no, i don't! because i respect their right to have their stupid grass how they like it.

do you know, i was in the front garden the other day and two folk walking past were tutting and making disparaging remarks about how i should be cutting my grass, the only thing i could do was stare in utter disbelief!

i'm thinking of making a sign that says something along the lines of not to criticise us for the length of our grass but to appreciate the variety of flowers and insects it supports as they walk past.

ahem, rant over, normal service will be resumed by the next post :)


vilterietje said...

right you are! love your garden:)

FeltersJourney said...

I like it :) A nice felted sign!

I hate those bowling green lawns too - how boring can you get?! And their owners often seem to have the same temperament as yours do unfortunately.

What rude people walking past commenting like that - definately a pretty whitty sign needed :)

Hawthorn said...

Your front garden does not have a lawn it has a wild life garden in it, add more 'wild' things, bee boxes, insect shelters, and the neighbours be damned!!! My 'lawn' is also a wild life garden :)

Elizabeth said...

At the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX they have two side by side display gardens. One is manicured & chemically treated grass with garden center "exotic" plantings. The other is native plants & grasses. The manicured area is sterile. The native area has butterflies and honeybees and birds.

I love your yard.

narkeymarkey said...

thanks all for your kind comments and support :)x