Friday, May 27

hols - durness

last stop on the holiday saw us back at the campsite at durness, where i spent my favourite day of the holiday at the beach, pottering in the sun, pootling about in rockpools with a bit of birdwatching and then a picnic :)

'bob' the friendly campsite gull

fantastic view from the tent

the water wasn't quite as inviting as it looked, in fact it was flipping freezing!

while m got progressively frustrated that the kite wouldn't stay up, i was quite happy poking about in the rock pools

yes, this really is a sign warning of pigs, piglets, lambs and sheep on the road ...

25% gradient on the hilliest road in scotland on the way to drumbeg, glad i wasn't the one cycling!

lovely sheep inspired pottery at the gorgeous drumbeg craft shop and tea garden


vilterietje said...

the most beautiful campsite of scotland! 4 years ago we saw the haighland games there, it was amazing:)

narkeymarkey said...

isn't it just? :)

wow, that must have been great to see the highland games, quite a spectacle i imagine :)