Saturday, May 7

hols - oban to barra and vatersay

a week off saw us heading to oban for the ferry to the western isles. m had wanted to cycle the length of the islands for a while and i'd never been south of harris so off we went!

in the ferry queue at oban

view of oban from the ferry

lovely patterns in the water

think the gull may have got the ferry confused with a fishing boat, it followed us for quite some time

barra hostel

view from the front steps of the hostel

around barra and vatersay ...

st barr's church

this was a mosaic made completely from shells

kisimul castle

yes, the plane really does land on the beach!

a piece of the plane wreckage that forms part of the memorial in the previous pic

at the barra ferry terminal i saw the only otters i would see on our trip

despite living on lewis for a while, i'd never made it down south to any of the other islands so i was really glad to finally get here (especially after the five and half hour ferry journey from food-poisoning hell!).

i was amazed that all of the car drivers wave to each other as they pass - how lovely is that?! and one of the locals stopped me in the street for a blether one morning, regaling me with lots of funny tales. although it's a fairly small island there is quite a lot to see and do (especially in the summer), i would definitely recommend a visit.


vilterietje said...

2 years ago we did uist, harris and lewis, next time we do barra too! it looks amasing:)

Hawthorn said...

We stopped at Oban on our way to the Isle of Arran but that was BC (before children) Think it might be time to go back - lovely photos x

narkeymarkey said...

hi riet, it was indeed amazing, you will love it :)

BC ... hee hee! you probably won't notice much of a difference in Oban! oh but it has a great chocolate shop - so many varieties of hot chocolate, and lovely handmade choccie goodies, i can recommend the chilli chocolate, the ... in fact probably the whole menu!