Sunday, May 15



we've been quite lucky with the weather (mostly!) since we got back from hols and it has meant that we've been able to catch up a bit with the garden.


it's hard to know when to make a proper start - too early and you lose everything when the next frost arrives; too late and you miss the warm(ish), sunny days, and rainy nights which seem to help everything burst into life.


i do feel like we have cheated a little this year because we bought seedlings to start the veg patch off, what with the late frosts and being away i didn't get any seeds started. maybe i'll get some started in the next week or so and this will mean successional cropping and more veg and salad throughout the year.


i get so excited at this time of year, i do love planting out, weeding (if it's sunny!), starting off the seeds, seeing new plants burst into life and the plants from previous years awake from their winter slumber but i have to admit a little rumbling of my tummy when i think about all of the lovely, tasty, fresh food to come and the chutneys, pickles and sauces that i'll make and will us last through the winter.


i love sitting in the garden too, on one of those rare scottish sunny days, the sounds of the birds and the insects buzzing away, and being surrounded by the colour, texture and scent of so many different plants.


this is my third year of growing and each year i've learnt so much and each year i realise i still have so much to learn and can't wait till the next season to try out something new.


last year the wee girl next door discovered that we grow 'tasty plants' and is a frequent visitor now, asking what each plant is, whether or not it's edible and what it tastes like, quickly followed by 'can i try some ... no, you try some first'!


she was amazed that we dug out potatoes from the soil and had a hard time connecting them to the potatoes her mum buys in the grocery store.

chives and marjoram

her favourite from last year was strawberries and every time she passes she asks if they are ripe enough to eat yet ... not quite i keep telling her, mostly because she nearly ate her own weight in strawberries last summer!

tayberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant

of course, you do realise, that i'm only showing the bestest parts of the garden ... ?!

tarragon and oregano

i'm not showing the borders that are overgrown with weeds or the empty veg patches that still need planted!

peas, mangetout, runner beans, broad beans


Mattie van den Heuvel said...

Nice pictures of your garden! We want to grow some vegetables this year as well, now we got rid of the bamboo roots that went through the whole garden...
My daughter LOVES strawberries. we have the little wild ones all over the garden and she sometimes checks every half an hour if there are any ripe ones ;)))

vilterietje said...

love to see the plants growing, but we don't have a veggie garden, just enough to sit and grow some herbs. en joy:)

Felted House said...

Even if they are the best parts they still look great! I haven't mananged ANY seeds this year, and meant to buy some but then time got the better of me! I've done beetroot and lettuce in the past really successfully, and courgettes, we even did squash and sweetcorn a few times, not done herbs though, they look good. Hope the sun continues to shine for you, it's gone cold again down here in the midlands, and I've gone back to a hot water bottle at night! xx

Angela said...

you haven't even shown any new plants with bits muched off which is what my garden looks like.

narkeymarkey said...

mattie your daughter sounds like a very sensible lass - you don't want to miss a ripe one :)

riet, enough to sit and grow herbs sounds like a lovely garden :)

feltedhouse, we usually get off to a good start and then it all gets a bit neglected after a while :(

that's because it's still too cold for slugs angela!