Tuesday, January 13

appreciating the little things, 13 of 365

a furry hug - we don't have any pets but our neighbourhood cats more than make up for that as our house seems to be a second home to many of them.

most frequent and favourite visitor is charlie from next door. he recognises our car and seems to have a sixth sense for when we're coming home as he always seems to be running along the road to meet us. the minute the front door opens he seems to appear from nowhere to dart through the door. he has now taken to sitting on the doorstep meowing until we let him in.

once in, he's like a little furry dynamo, running between us for fussing, doing his really cute cross between a meow and a purr and also, just the cutest thing ever - he jumps up on his back legs and stands up for a fuss, sometimes he seems so eager to get a fuss that he almost lunges at you! he'll stand up on his back feet and just lean his head on your leg and if that doesn't provoke the required response he then stretches his front paws up to grab your hand down for a fuss.

m picks him up, almost cradling him like a baby while we both fuss him and the look on his little face is just the epitome of contentment.

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