Wednesday, January 21

appreciating the little things, 15 of 365

a crazy weekend away - here's what we did with our weekend:

yes, it really is as mad as it sounds - it's scotland, it's january, it's 24 hours in the forest (well more, if you count setting up and preparation time) and as if that's not enough - you need to cycle round the forest for 24 hours! and we love it!!!

well, me slightly more as i don't do the cycling bit. i'm support crew :)

this is the third year that we've gone to strathpuffer and each year we get more organised and more together. the first year, i was convinced we were going to die in the forest! m had competed even though he wasn't totally over the flu and at five am thought he had pneumonia, whilst i had the start of hypothermia - oh how we laugh now :)

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