Wednesday, January 21

appreciating the little things, 19 of 365

getting through my to-do list - now, i always thought that my list-making (as well as being slightly obsessive) was a way of procrastinating but recently, i was feeling creatively 'stuck'. i knew i wanted to get back in the craft room, i had loads of new ideas, i had a rough idea of what i wanted and needed to be getting on with but just couldn't. so, as a way in, i thought i should go in, sit down at my desk and at least write down what it was i needed to get done so that i could move on to my next project. wrote it all down, prioritised it, set aside time for it over the coming weeks and ....... started getting on with it! i think writing it all down helped to split up the mammoth amount of work i wanted to do, into manageable portions (i know, not exactly rocket science but at least my list writing has been vindicated!!!).

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