Wednesday, January 21

appreciating the little things, 17 of 365

a fire and a snuggly selk bag - these two things made my time at strathpuffer all the more comfortable and should be required kit for everyone attending.

selk bag - how amazing is this ...

i should point out that it's not me in the photo as i obviously look far more stylish in my selk bag!. i get a bit claustrophobic in a sleeping bag and never seem able to keep warm when we camp out in the winter. not any more though! this really is the most snuggly way to sleep outdoors!

and, that most primeval, promethean, provider of warmth - a real fire!
this is the first year that we've had a fire and i had been itching to light it ever since we'd set up camp on the friday afternoon! once it was starting to get dark, damp and cold on saturday the fire was finally lit. wow, how many memories came flooding back: collecting firewood at girl guide camp; my trip to aland with my brother and his fiance where we sat around the fire at night; the wonderful summer solstice celebration around the fire at the crannog; warming myself (and my baked potato!) on my nan's coal fire. No wonder the flames were hypnotic.

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