Friday, January 9

appreciating the little things, 9 of 365

fresh coffee and hjortronsylt - we went to ikea last week on the way back from the airport. i always love going to ikea because the furnished room layouts always remind of being in sweden, spending time with my brother. i love the swedish shop within ikea, always on the shopping list are dill chips, oat and chocolate biscuits, any swedish cake, swedish coffee and hjortronsylt (cloudberry jam). even the smallest taste of any of these things takes me back to happy memories of many trips to stockholm, time spent with family and friends.

today is the first of my four days off and they lay in front of me filled with possibilities, what better way to start the day than fresh swedish coffee and toast with cloudberry jam, i even love the name - cloudberries ... they honestly sound as magical as they taste! :)


Gunilla said...

I´, happy to see that you have linked to my website UllochKrull. I just want to inform you that the URL has changed to so I would be happy if you could make an update on that.
Best regards Gunilla Rehn aka Feltangel

narkeymarkey said...

hi there and thanks for dropping by gunilla, thanks for letting me know your url has changed too :)