Thursday, January 22

appreciating the little things 23, 24, 25 of 365

green traffic lights - my journey to work involves an inordinate amount of traffic lights per mile travelled! however the other morning, i must have timed it just right - can you believe it, almost every set of lights was at green! i worked with a chap years ago who had timed the sequence of the traffic lights on his commute so that he could leave the house at precisely the right moment to hit all of the lights at the optimum time, thereby reducing his commuting time. i was slightly in awe of him.

snowdrops - a little sign of renewed life and the hope of spring to come.

longer days (just) - it's just starting to get light now as i arrive at work, and the other day i made it home in the dusk as opposed to the pitch black! spring is coming, the longer days are on their way :)

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