Tuesday, January 6

appreciating the little things, 4 of 365

speaking with my brother: my brother and his fiancee went to thailand for a month over christmas and new year. they live in sweden so you can imagine the desire to go somewhere warm even for a short while in the middle of their long, cold, dark winters. i know that mobile phones can be a nuisance when you're forced to endure someone elses conversation on a train, and that there are health concerns over the long term use of them but, without them i wouldn't have been able to speak with my brother on christmas day :)

time with mum: i live nearly 500 miles north of my mum so we don't get to spend that much time together. i went down for five days over new year and although it was great to celebrate new year together and to spend time together, it's the little things i loved - having breakfast together; vegging out in front of the tv with snacks; going for a walk together in the blue, frosty sunny mornings; just being together and doing the ordinary, every-day things we don't usually get the chance to do.

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