Wednesday, January 21

appreciating the little things, 16 of 365

getting back on the bike - once we'd set up camp in the forest on the friday night we cycled back to the hotel (well, you need one night of luxury to prepare you for the next 24 hours of camping out!). i had been apprehensive about this as i haven't cycled for a while now and am not at my fittest, and the road to the hotel was hilly to say the least.

i was so happy to be back on the bike that i really attacked the first hill, going at it like i knew i was going to make it to the top without resorting to the granny ring. but then the hill attacked back! oh i thought i was going to be ill! but i made it, certainly not with the most finesse but i got there.

the following morning as we were wheeling our bikes out in preparation to cycle back to the campsite one of the chaps in the hotel wished me luck for the race. how chuffed was i?! he actually thought that i was competing :)

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