Tuesday, January 6

appreciating the little things, 3 of 365

watching a fox sleep: mum and i had seen this fox asleep in the garden the day before, i felt really bad for disturbing his sleep but wanted to check he was ok as i wasn't sure it was a good sign to see a fox asleep in the middle of the garden in broad daylight. he awoke as i opened the back door and the way he scaled the fences was a good sign that he was fit as a fiddle, looking healthy enough with a big, fluffy brush tail as he paused atop a fence a safe distance away to look back at me.

anyway, when we got up the following morning there he was again, curled up in a ball on the frosty grass, seemingly oblivious to everything going on around him until you saw the twitch of an ear cathcing some sound or other. i stood watching him for awhile, feeling comforted by the rise and fall of his big deep, sleepy breaths.

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