Tuesday, January 6

belated greetings to one and all

happy winter solstice - the turning point of the year for myself and m. from here on the days get longer and lighter as we move towards spring and lots more adventures! the latest 'gardeners world' magazine has arrived (thanks to mum for my gift subscription) and we're busily making plans for our flowers, fruit and veg for 2009, we may even attempt to make our own wormery! our spring bulbs have already started to make an appearance above the ground :)

merry christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year - the festive period is, for us, a time for friends and family and reflecting on how fortunate we are. as opposed to the greedy commercialism which rears it's ugly head at this time of year. it's also two weeks off work for me! lots of time with m, catching up with friends, more home baking than we could healthily eat, and a trip to london to spend time with mum and catch up with my family.

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